Month: September 2019



Naval Marine Service are involve in Trading, Repair and Export of Marine Engines & variety Spares.

Hence we are supplying various range of genuine engine and spares in better & re-usable condition also Navigation and communication equipment. The Business House is one of the experienced from 2005 to till in this trade and has built up reliable reputation through the number of years with the support of our clients by rendering quality goods and services, with the help of our experienced management and employees team, sophisticated technical support and right delivery schedule.

Our source 2nd-Hand spare-parts from we ensuring quality by testing & overhauling. We serve our valued customers in a very prospective manner. We assure providing professional services, expertise, good co-operation for all times and support in the field of Ship Machinery and its Spares, Navigation and Communication Equipment, Automation Equipment’s, Compressor, Hydraulic Pump/Motor etc.

With the best service from the company and you can always connect with our experts. The global service of our company means you will get the support for your marine engines and & spares also Navigation and communication Equipment when you need it. NAVAL MARINE SERVICE is the leading exporters of Second Hand and Re-usable Marine Machinery and its spares, Safety Equipment and many more ship related machinery, which are frequently required in either repairing or maintaining the ship. Presently we are one of the market leaders in this field across Asia, Europe and other many developed countries of other continents.